The Ultimate Selfie Cam

Always with You. Stickable and remote controlled. Never miss a perfect Selfie or group photo with EVO.
Take it out of your phone case. Stick it anywhere and shoot your great photo or video via the app. Is that simple.

The best Action Cam

Going for an adventure? No need to bring messy, expensive and clunky gear. Just bring EVO with your phone.
When You want to capture a moment, just stick it where You want, open the app and start recording.
EVO It’s great for POV and capturing moments from unique angles.

Check on your beloved ones. Whenever and Wherever.

Whether it is your baby, your belongings, or simply a package from the postman, EVO is great for surveillance and for checking on the things You care the most.
EVO is so discreet, connected and portable, that You’ll always have a great safety camera at your disposal.

The most revolutionary Camera for your ride

With its slim body, always with You design and its sticky back, EVO is the ultimate camera for your ride.
Just stick it in Your car, and You have a simple, portable and live tool to check your parking ans record Your ride.
The best part? You use it when You want it, Whethever You want it.

Stay safe. Always.

With it motion sensing capabilites, EVO will also notify You if there is an intrusion or if detects weird movements.
And thanks to its compact body, nobody will even notice is there.

Record your adventure without all the gear.

EVO with its slim body and sticky back it’s the ideal companion for your rides. Easy to install and always with You. EVO will record your trip with either a bycicle or motorcycle in ways never imagined before, and without looking foolish!