Is EVO the best Baby Monitor Camera?

Let’s see how EVO can be great to check on your baby



We live in a world surrounded by cameras, and many of them are specifically made for one task. In the case of baby monitoring, there are many products available in the market nowadays. However, this kind of product is generally made of subpar components and it is often only used for a relatively short amount of time (surely we don’t need to check our babies during their teeange years, right? 😜). Besides, they are not even that practical when You think about it: they are generally big enough that You don’t really want to move them or bring it along for a trip (especially in european low cost flight, where both weight and luggage size do matter). So, let’s say You and your family decide to go for a weekend or more outside, and You would like to still check on your baby, the current market is not really offering great solutions.


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EVO, our first product, is soon going to be live on Indiegogo, and we in the team are super excited for it. In the meantime though, we thought it might have been a good idea to start sharing more about how the project is going.
We are already posting content on Social Media (BTW, follows us on Facebook and Instagram 😉), but we feel is better to utilise this Blog as a way for us to better explain how all our projects are evolving, and for You to ask questions or be more involved in the process. We will soon post more, so make sure to check us out and don’t worry, any new blog post will be linked on our Social Media pages.  😘