Is EVO the best Baby Monitor Camera?

evo camera as a baby monitor device, the best in the market

We live in a world surrounded by cameras, and many of them are specifically tailored for one task. In the case of baby monitoring, there are many products available in the market nowadays. However, this kind of product is generally made of subpar components and is often only used for a relatively short amount of time (surely we don’t need to check our babies during their teenage years, right? 😜). Besides, they are not very practical in the long run when you think about it: they are generally big enough that you don’t really want to move them or bring it along for a trip (especially in a european low cost flight, where both weight and luggage size do matter). So let’s say you and your family decide to leave for a weekend, while still wanting to check on your baby, the current market is not really offering great solutions.

EVO however, thanks to its slim body, wireless capabilities, and built-in battery can be placed anywhere in a room, left on, and connected to Wi-Fi so that you can check on your baby at your leisure. But that’s not all, you can also check the specific room or the whole house, and listen in on all audio to see if there are any weird movements or sounds. If anything is out of the ordinary, you will be notified straight away. With EVO you do not need to bring along extra cables, plugs, and other accessories because it uses the same technology you already use for your smartphone to charge and is integrated into the phone case, meaning that it’s always ready to go without being a burden to carry around.

As I said before, many of the actual baby monitors camera suffer from being useless after a while and thrown away, making them essentially a small waste of money and resources. While it is true that you could sell it (Hoping to get some money out of it) or give it away (and hope that the person uses it), but wouldn’t it be better if a camera you owned could have was more versatile and had a wide range of uses?

We believe that EVO can be the solution that fixes all of your problems, and that it could even be the best baby monitoring camera on the market! What do you think about it? Let us know! 😊