The perfect Camera for Your Smartphone

Lightweight and ergonomic, you’ll never worry about forgetting a camera or lugging around a bunch of equipment. Simply slide it out from the back of the phone case to use in any scenario imaginable. Record any moment in HD, night mode, detect motion, or even underwater. Never be without it!

It all started with a simple idea

The idea was born by watching and rewatching my family videos with Emanuele (My one year old son) on them: I noticed that me, the father, was never present in those videos!
All of the memories captured on camera, entire parts of our life, will not have me present, because I’ve always been behind the camera, behind my iPhone, recording…

Then I bought a GoPro…

The purchase has not changed anything though: every time something funny (Emanuele’s first words, a silly fall, a funny game in the park, when he started playing the piano randomly at the bar, or when he was harrassing some cat’s ears…) my GoPro was never with me! My problem was not solved.

I needed a vision system which was natively connected to my iPhone! So I had an idea: to create a NEW “eye”, always with my smartphone, BUT which was at the same integrated and extractable.
“Never without it” was my motto!

This is how I got the idea to integrate the camera on a phone case. Light, thin, ergonomic and easy to use: an essential appendix to every smartphone case!

And what if I could ALSO attach this camera to any surface?


Nowadays the cameras on our smartphones are exceptionally good and easy to use, so why should You bring an extra camera with You? Here some examples of when EVO shines:

The Ultimate Trio

EVO was designed from the ground up to work in conjuction with two fundamentals of Our lives: a smartphone and the case that protects it.
We truly believe that the key for a great accessory is integration: how many times You needed an extra point of view, and wish You had a separate camera with You? By creating a case with a built-in slot for the EVO, You won’t even have to think about it: EVO is going to be with You all the time, ready to go.

Not just a small camera, but a great one too!

With EVO we wanted to create the smallest and most versatile camera possible.
But even the most compact camera in 2017 has to deliver great quality photos and videos. So we took great attention into sourcing the best components available and further refining the app experience, to give You that perfect shot we all look for.
We can’t wait to see the amazing results You’ll be able to achieve with
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The EVO app

With the free EVO App, You will be able to interact with the device in both LAN and online modes, start a Live Stream, shoot amazing photographs, breath taking videos and so much more!
And for You wearable lovers, we got You covered: a mini Evo App is also on the works. Think about it, now even your watch has a great camera!

Product Features

HD recording and streaming

EVO records videos at 1080p 30 fps for a smooth and crisp video, even in live streaming mode.

Always with You

Thanks to the included smartphone case, which not only protects your phone, but also stores EVO, ready for your next video and photo.

Stick it anywhere

Thanks to a custom made back panel, EVO can be sticked in almost any surface securely, and then removed easily.
No magnets, no signs Infinite possibilities.

The most compact of them all

Months of research have resulted in one of the smallest HD wireless camera available. We designed it this way specifially so You can always have it with You.

The ultimate Selfie camera

Thanks to its back sticker and remote capabilites, You can place EVO in the best spot for crowded selfies, or artistic takes on your most precious moments.

User Friendly

EVO works with your smartphone, via a very simple app. Alternatively, You can just turn it on, and EVO will take care of the rest for You.


Patent Pending

H:120mm L:30mm D:6mm
H:4.72" L:1.18" D:0.24"


Glossy Plastic Top
Rubberized Plastic Case
Proprietary Adhesive Back Panel

Micro USB port
Micro SD slot

Sony HD Sensor
Motion Sensor
Night Vision Sensor

Wi-Fi 802.11abgn up to 30m (about 100 foot)

Video Capabilities and Formats
Records HD video at 1080p 30 fps
Records HD video at 720 30 fps
Records SD video at 480 30 fps
Supports H.264